Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pseudonym for pseudonym is pseudonym

“Peace!” that cameraman hold up his left hand, showing a sign; a peace sign, with his middle and index fingers vertically pointed to the sky, to form a V shape, or rabbit ears if u are more imaginative, or playboy logo if you are more creative. Or an antenna which send signal to satellite a peace message to all humankind and spread it out to the whole world to stop war, terrorism and oppression, if you are more cynical. “Whatever,” you thought, so you hold up your hand, show that stupid peace sign, simulate to what that cameraman had showed. Oh, how should you smile? You thought, show your shiny teeth, or keep your lips close with wide smile or you should not smile at all (and actually you are not happy at the moment, PMS maybe); which one is prettier in a picture? You had to make a decision before that cameraman push the button. At the same time, you tighten your tiny muscle around your tired eyes; you don’t want it shut while the camera flashes it sharp light. But you don’t want it to be too tight, that your eyes won’t look natural. You are ready now, you feigned the sweetest smile (you choose to show your shiny teeth), your beautiful and natural eyes look directly to the camera and you hold up your hand with proud gesture to symbolizing a peace sign. And, snap! The flash hurt your eyes a little, but you sure that you didn’t shut your eyelid. White light spread around you and in a second, it was gone, lost nowhere you know. But what around you did not moving anymore, include yourself. You are now is in a picture, kept in a card reader. In fact, you are a picture. With fake peace sign, fake smile, fake gazing eye, copied from the real world, to the fake one. But if you thought that the real world is actually fake, than you are now completely fake of the fake. Yes dear, this life has faked us out.


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